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On Enchant Your Readers live group coaching calls, bring your novel-writing questions—pre-prepared or not! Each participant can expect 20-30 minutes of dedicated time for individualized coaching. Calls may span ~1 - 2 hours, depending on the number of participants. Grab your favorite cup of tea and get comfortable.

Welcome to the Blue Wing of the Inky Bookywrm Conservatory for Word Wizards

We can coach around your work in the course, workbooks/tools, the lessons, your writing craft/revision process questions, or industry expectations.

Sometimes I even edit a section of your work live on the call! That way you can see my thought processes and learn from seeing it done.

Pretty much anything related to writing a book is welcome. If you don't know what to ask, come anyway! We'll still spend some time checking in to see how things are going and see what comes up for you.

I can also provide feedback live on the call. This feedback may pertain to your manuscript, back-end process work, or any written lesson work. I will ask that you share the work to be reviewed in an editable Google doc, which you can paste the link to in the live chat on the call. I may quickly scan for the relevant portions you have questions about, or I may ask you to read the section you'd like help with.

The goal of this program is to teach you sustainable planning, drafting, and self-editing skills and processes. So while I definitely believe examples are helpful to learn from and will model as much as I can on a call, I will not be conducting extensive edits. That said, I am also an editor, and I can answer your editing-related questions as time allows.

  • Find community with other writers to support you along the way while you get your questions answered and level up your craft.

  • Know what matters most to readers and keep them reading.

  • Understand what more you can do to edit your own work and gain the tools you need to be an even more successful writer.

  • Set up your story to become the best it can be, knowing whether it is worth continuing for submission or publication.

  • Refine your work, seeing what it needs in order for it to really resonate with readers.

  • Learn a tried-and-true process for getting out of your own way, moving your story forward, and writing books more efficiently in the future.

  • Be proud of your book and feel confident in your writing.

  • And know exactly what to say when someone asks you what your story is about.

Through Enchant Your Readers, you will gain the confidence that you are telling strong, compelling stories that resonate with and inspire readers while adding invaluable knowledge and skills to your writing repertoire for use throughout your author career.

Private community (off social media) for questions, feedback, support, wins, and challenges

Two live sessions per month with individualized coaching, feedback, and Q&A

Small group size for encouraging a close-knit community and tailored instruction

Sarah Danielle Young-Adult Fantasy Author


What I most enjoyed were our coaching sessions! So many times, I would be at a loss for what to do, but when we talked through it on the Zoom calls, bricks just fell into place."

Gina Kammer

Book Coach, Editor, Dragon

Member EFA, former Capstone editor with 10+ years of experience in fiction and story craft

Specialist in science fiction and fantasy and their subgenres, ages children's to adult

Book dragon/coach, author, and former college writing/lit/
journalism instructor

“The calls were a great learning opportunity, and I discovered so many ideas by just talking them out together. This coaching and developmental edits were the best things I have ever done for myself as a writer. Gina knows exactly how to deliver feedback so that it isn't a personal attack or discouraging at all. I never felt bad about what she wrote to me unlike my experience with most other editors who made my work feel subpar along the way. As a whole, [everything in the program] was valuable, priceless even. I have to say that the calls were my favorite part because Gina made sure to answer every last one of my questions and helped me through writer's block and other difficulties.”

Brandy E
Middle-Grade Fantasy Author

Coaching Calls

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 “Gina is excellent at getting you and your story where it needs to go. I'm still reeling from that one sesh when I FINALLY realized my character's true internal conflict and how it shapes the story.”

Adult Sci-Fi Author

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