This book dragon levels up craft and creativity using brain science hacks to show determined science-fiction and fantasy authors how to enchant readers.

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Book coaching is a great way to get support through the process of whatever stage of novel development you’re at. I offer coaching for novel planning, drafting, and revising. With regular calls, deadlines, and chapter-by-chapter feedback, you'll be held accountable with project management and so you can focus your energy for the most impact.

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Single or multiple rounds of edits are great for assessing, developing, or copy editing completed manuscripts. If you’d like to self-publish or submit to agents, I can help you get your novel ready to enchant readers. Simply stated, writing is hard! It takes a lot of courage to put your heart and soul on the page and show it to others. But writing is also a process and a craft that requires as much honing as any other.


“Gina was an enthusiastic, supportive editor during our work together. Her feedback on my manuscript was prompt, positive, and crammed with smart edits. I especially appreciated her excellent people skills—I always felt that she and I were a team and that she believed in my writing.”

Emma Carlson Berne

Freelance Writer

“Working with Gina as an editor on my novel was a game-changer. She is incredibly gifted at understanding the vision behind the written work while encouraging the author to unlock the potential in a story through thoughtful editing. She was a wizard at keeping me on track and providing critical editing suggestions throughout the process. I really look forward to working with Gina again on my next novel!”

Victoria Tecken


“I was fortunate to work with Gina on several classroom products while at Capstone Publishers. Working with Gina was always a pleasure because she is incredibly responsible and committed to a project as well as passionate about the job. She took control of several projects while we worked together, and the end products were always appropriate for the grade level, engaging, and polished. She is also a friendly editor who made working with her lots of fun.”

Karen Aleo

Publishing Professional

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