The Querying Course

Craft Your Query and Create a Plan in a Self-Guided Course
  • Comprehensive, step-by-step querying guidance
  • Self-paced course to fit your schedule
  • Querying strategy comparison
  • Editorial feedback add-on option

Whether you’re planning to query agents to publish traditionally or want to create better marketing and pitch copy, The Querying Course is an essential guide.

Course Curriculum

Gina Kammer

Book Coach & Editor

Using brain science hacks, hoarded craft knowledge, and solution-based direction, this book dragon helps science-fiction and fantasy authors get their stories — whether on the page or still in their heads — ready to enchant their readers.

 Before this course, I struggled with submitting queries in the modern, digital world. I had exactly zero idea how to proceed and not a lot of time to invest in digging up all that knowledge. Now the manuscript is in good shape and I have a plan for the future. Everything we worked on was well worth the money.

Patrick Hatten
Science Fiction Author
Award-Winning Screenwriter

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The Querying Course

$700 USD

  • Confidently query agents

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