Bonus: Time Freedom Accelerator (with Tanessa Shears)

How to Invest Your Energy for More Freedom, Focus and Productivity

This training is exactly the right place for you to be if you feel like you don't have enough time for your writing without unbalancing your life and health. 

Tanessa Shears is an experienced health consultant for entrepreneurs who want to optimize their health and achieve sustainable energy and focus without it feeling like ANOTHER demanding task or time constraint. Tanessa coached me for six months, so I can 100% attest this is true.

In that time, she gained me back my time, healthier sleep habits, and so many invaluable mental wellness tools I never really knew how to put into useful practice. And you're about to get one of my favorite trainings from Tanessa right here in Enchant Your Readers.

Your BRAIN is the most important asset in your author business. Because when your brain is sharper, you work more efficiently and get things done faster. This frees up YOUR time to either make more money or spend that time living the writing life you crave.

So that's what we're going to get started doing in this bonus training, the Time Freedom Accelerator.

—Gina Kammer

In Time Freedom Accelerator, we dive deep into the art of time and energy management in your author business to unlock your full potential. In this transformative workshop training and replay from the live Q&A, you'll learn to invest your energy strategically to cultivate freedom, focus, and unparalleled productivity during your work day. By mastering mindset, crafting your ideal schedule, prioritizing tasks effectively, and implementing time-blocking techniques, you'll absorb years of wisdom condensed into actionable steps.

Take your precious time…BACK!

Two robust lessons to help you shift your mindset about your time and the tools and training to implement what you learn

Access to the replay of the live Q&A session with Tanessa Shears to learn the answers to questions about this training from authors.

Plus additional resources and Tanessa's own template so you can refine your new time habits further and make them stick!

Alex Payne
Enchant Your Readers author


The Time Freedom Accelerator course is a fantastic way to reimagine how you manage your time, shuffling around all elements of your schedule to make sure everything has an appropriate spot. Nothing gets left behind! I think it would be most effective for people who always prioritize 'big' tasks, and find they end up never getting around to smaller tasks... or people who end up too paralyzed by the big looming tasks and end up not doing ANYTHING. The Time Freedom Accelerator course can help make sure you have a plan on what tasks to do when, so you can fit it all in and not have to worry about how you should be spending your time... up to and including what to do if you have bonus time you weren't expecting!"

Bonus Training Curriculum

Fit Writing into Your Life

It’s hard for you to take time for yourself and your stories when you feel guilty for not spending that time “more productively”—or at least on things that seem less selfish… such as spending that time with your family or friends instead.    

I know you’re already tired after you put in all your best hours for your job. How can you find the creative energy to work on this other job—this author thing that you feel might not even be going anywhere?  

How do you reach your word count goals and finally finish your novel? Maybe it’s already been years, and you still have little to show for them.    

Your family and friends keep asking you when your book will be published and you’re frustrated that you don’t have an answer for them. And I get it too. I really do. Between your family obligations, trying to make scant time for friends, and working your other job to pay the bills, your author job often gets the back seat.    

But what if it didn’t have to? What if you could find more balance, feel more accomplished, and actually get more done in less time?    

It sounds like a dream come true, right? But it can be reality. I know, because with Tanessa’s help, I did it. My journey to better balance with my work and time is always going to be a work in progress, but I did make progress. Significant progress.    

And it all started with Tanessa’s excellent coaching and the same trainings in the Time Freedom Accelerator bonus I’m sharing with you in the Enchant Your Readers program.

Join Enchant Your Readers now and get support in your writing life.

Your Inky Bookwyrm,
Gina Kammer

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